Why has my startup not been listed ? | EZlauncher Help Center

Why has my startup not been listed ?

If you have submitted your startup few days and its not featured yet then either your startup is not reviewed yet or it has been rejected.

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    • How do I get my startup listed on EZlauncher?

      Visit our platform EZlauncher and submit your startup. If your product fulfils our selection criteria then your product will be listed. 
    • Why was my startup rejected ?

      If your startup was rejected then it means your startup doesn’t comply with our selection criteria. 
    • How did I know my listed start-up was doing well?

      When being listed on EZlauncher, the amount of page views or claps that a startup gets varies a lot. Many get a few claps, while others get hundreds or even more. It all depends on your target audience, product's potential and quality of your landing ...
    • Will my startup product be included in the newsletter?

      Not all listed startups are included in the newsletter, but only the most popular ones. Normally it takes a minimum of 24 hours for a startup business to be included in our newsletter.
    • How does my product get into the Trending section?

      The Trending section on the homepage showcases the popular &  recently listed products. We measure few metrics including how many claps a startup product has received. We’re not going to disclose the exact algorithm, But the more claps the product ...