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What is the importance of an effective business strategy?

First things first, start-ups need to have a valid business strategy. In fact, the business strategy depends on a good pitch and an effective business plan, which is highly engaging and has the potential to convert visitors to long-term customers.

Usually, start-ups are found struggling when it comes to a business plan. They often seek the services of so-called business experts, who tend to charge substantial numbers for devising an effective business strategy.

Therefore, to facilitate new start-ups, and motivate them with their product sales, we have developed a pitch builder, that can also be used as a business plan, and is highly effective in converting random visitors to regular customers.

We do not exaggerate our work; instead, our pitch builder is based on practical examples, and they are always eager to quote practical demonstrations to fortify their strategies. The pitch builder feature is entirely optional and is an additional feature for new start-ups.

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    • Is it mandatory to pay for the pitch builder?

      No! the business plan feature is an additional feature that has been developed for start-ups to assist them and help them save extra numbers, which they have to pay for hiring business analysts to get a plan. This feature is optional, and any ...
    • Am I allowed to export or edit my pitchdeck?

      Yes! You own all rights to your content, and you are always free to export it in any format, including MS PowerPoint, MS Word, PDF, or any other format, and you can also make changes to your content that you desire.
    • Is it necessary to have an engaging and informative pitch?

      A good pitch lays the foundation of scalability. It is the factor that has the ability to convert visitors to long-term customers. Apart from attracting customers, an effective tone creates room for employees and increases investors’ interest, who ...
    • Will my startup product be included in the newsletter?

      Not all listed startups are included in the newsletter, but only the most popular ones. Normally it takes a minimum of 24 hours for a startup business to be included in our newsletter.
    • How much time is required for my submission to get approved?

      Once you have filed your submission, our team shall evaluate your product and monitor all the essentials to ascertain that it matches our eligibility criteria. If the submission complies with the eligibility criteria, it shall be approved in seven ...