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What are "CLAPS" ?

Clapping is a way for users to show the product and product makers their support and gratitude. Users can clap on as many products as they want. Claps are one of the key indicators that we take into consideration for the product's popularity. Therefore, if your product gets claps, it can trend.
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    • How do product makers differ from marketeers and contributors?

      EZlauncher is the ultimate marketing platform for start-ups who want to get their product recognized and featured. On the other hand, the stream continues with people who review these products and add valuable information and ratings about them and ...
    • What is EZlauncher?

      EZlauncher is the ideal platform for tech aspirants who want to have an early insight into the latest and upcoming products. On the other hand, EZlauncher is a platform for new product makers and start-ups to upload their content and get it featured. ...
    • How do I get my startup listed on EZlauncher?

      Visit our platform EZlauncher and submit your startup. If your product fulfils our selection criteria then your product will be listed. 
    • How did I know my listed start-up was doing well?

      When being listed on EZlauncher, the amount of page views or claps that a startup gets varies a lot. Many get a few claps, while others get hundreds or even more. It all depends on your target audience, product's potential and quality of your landing ...
    • How does my product get into the Trending section?

      The Trending section on the homepage showcases the popular &  recently listed products. We measure few metrics including how many claps a startup product has received. We’re not going to disclose the exact algorithm, But the more claps the product ...