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How do product makers differ from marketeers and contributors?

EZlauncher is the ultimate marketing platform for start-ups who want to get their product recognized and featured. On the other hand, the stream continues with people who review these products and add valuable information and ratings about them and channels that promote them. These three types of people form the backbone of successful sales.


Product makers are the aspiring entrepreneurs who take the burden and work hard to introduce products in the market. These products are open to review and rating by the contributors, and the product makers are eager to obtain feedback, since it allows them to grow, and learn about the merits and drawbacks of their products from the consumer’s point of view. Are you a product maker? Sign in here


These are the people who observe, rate, and provide reviews and feedback on the listed products. Their feedback's are precious both for product makers and customers since they provide insights about the products. Do you want to sign up as a contributor ? click here


These are the real influencers who promote the products made by the product makers. There are different marketing companies, which realize that boosting sales is only possible by increasing customer exposure. Moreover, some established product makers also work as marketeers to support and empower new product makers. Do you want to become a marketeer? sign in 

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